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Jenny Hammond Primary School
Proboscis: Giles Lane & Orlagh Woods with Loren Chasse
Jenny Hammond:
Deborah Gibbon (head teacher), John Harold (deputy head), Sally Labern (governor), Charlotte Conway & Stephanie Lucas
Arts Council England

Proboscis is collaborating with staff at the Jenny Hammond Primary School in Waltham Forest, north east London to develop the Social Tapestries frameworks for knowledge mapping and sharing into practical teaching and learning methods thaat can be woven into the curriculum. Three workshops run by Proboscis have been completed since July 2005 and we are now in the process of planning the next stages of collaboration, based around curriculum development and refinement of the toiools and techniques used by Proboscis.

Proboscis has run three workshops at the school in collaboration with sound artists and elementary teacher, Loren Chasse. The first (three day) workshop in July 2005 worked with Year 5 students to investigate audio ecologies through 'sound scavenging'. The second (one day) workshop in December 2005 worked specifically on mapping issues and linked back to the previous workshop, working with the same group of students. The third (five day) workshop held in July 2006 worked with Year 4 to explore the environment and pollution using a range of tools, techniques and activities. The lastest workshop, also with Year 4, Experiencing Democracy, will be held in late June 2007.

  • Experiencing Democracy, June 2007
  • Everyday Archaeology, July 2006
  • Sound Mapping, December 2005
  • Sound Scavenging, July 2005

Curriculum Development
The next stages of the collaboration are expected to focus around the development of curriculum materials that can be used across the entire school in the course of everyday learning and teaching. By this we mean the refinement of some of our tools such as StoryCubes, DIFFUSION eBooks and the Endless Landscape with lesson plans and guides for how teachers can use them in teaching different classes.

Evaluation & Reports

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